Houseboats Types

A houseboat is a recreational boat that is built in the form of a house. This boat is fitted with all the neccesities and luxuries of a home and can serve as living quarters for a group on holiday.

There are several types of houseboats notably Pontoon, cruiser or luxury cruisers.The pontton type is practically a floating house mounted on top of a pontton. They are spacious and ideal for a large group.

The cruiser houseboat is a faster type , small and can carry a few persons. They are ideal for single person holiday or occupation or business trips.Luxury Cruisers are high end boats with extravagant and superfluous amenities like air conditioners. They can be said to be 5 star hotels on rivers.Houseboat rentals can be calculated per trip or a week or month. In each scheme you choose, the type of facilities and size of boat will determine the final price you will pay.Typically, there are the 40 foot which can house about 6 people, 44 for 10 people and 56 10 people.Houseboats are designed to meet the standard regulations governing ordinary boats, So they are quite llike a home; they have the full safety of a boat. Government legislation govering this type of holiday facility ensure that safety precautions are enforced to maximize safety as the nature of the boat, that is its home appealing nature, makes it quite of a danger to peope especially kids.The houseboat comes with elegant living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms. Each trip or route of the houseboat is designed to offer you the most spectacular scenes of the river life. You have the opportunity to experience the birds , the banks and even the local people along the banks of the river. At each town, there is mooring for the boat at which you can disembark and interact with the local people as part of the trip. You can even visit the town for entertainment.Houseboats have several uses depending on the needs of the renter. It can be used for tourism. A single person can rent a small one and use it to explore the waterways and derive so much plaesure from the serenity of the up river and its banks.It can also be used for pure leisure – ideal for someone who would like to escape from the noisy city and relax in some serene atmosphre.

Latsly, some people rent these boats for exploration reasons. People who need adventure can just rent a boat and go up and down the river seeking something unusual to experience.If you are sated with traditional cruise lines, camping and resorts, you can try out houseboating which has a lot to offer you pleasure in terms of scenery and tranquility.

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